Science Industry Partnership


Employer members from the Science Industry Partnership (SIP) are the Trailblazers of apprenticeship reform.

The SIP is facilitating and supporting the development of new apprenticeship Standards to underpin the skills agenda of SIP Membership companies, in particular those standards under the umbrella of the Life & Industrial Sciences Trailblazer Group.

SIP also tracks and monitors the development and progress of other science, health or engineering standards led by other Trailblazer Groups and these may also be of interest to SIP members.

The SIP facilitated Life Science and Industrial Science Trailblazer Group, has developed new standards and their attendant end point assessments.  

The SIP Trailblazer group has delivered and received ministerial approval for four apprenticeship standards and their associated assessment plans:

  • Laboratory Technician
  • Science Manufacturing Technician
  • Science Industry Maintenance Technician
  • Laboratory Scientist
  • Science Manufacturing Process Operator – level 2
  • Science Process/Plant Engineer – level 6
  • Technical Scientist – level 5

Further standards in development include:

  • Clinical Trials Specialist – level 6
  • Regulatory Affairs Specialist – level 7
  • Research Scientist - level 7