Science Industry Partnership

Science Industry Partnership Process Industries (SIPPI)

The Science Industry Partnership (SIP) is establishing a new ‘Process Industries’ member forum with in its governance structure from January 2018 - Science Industry Partnership Process Industries (SIPPI).  This forum will address the skills interests of the chemical, petrochemical and petroleum sectors, especially those companies operating high hazard COMAH sites. The formation of this new forum allows for the integration of Downstream members into the SIP community.  Its first meeting will be held in March 2018.

SIPPI will focus on process manufacturing skills needs, including engineering apprenticeships and apprenticeships in general, process safety, engineering skills, competence management, asset integrity; Terms of Reference and an operational plan are still to be developed. SIPPI will build on previous work, for example developing Competence Management System Guidelines, Human Factors Guidelines, Gold Standard skills framework roles, process safety for contractors, and a pathway for developing process safety specialists.