Science Industry Partnership

Education Group

A new Education Working Group is being established from the old Apprenticeship Group and HE Group.  This Group will be responsible for activity associated with the education reform agenda with particular regard to vocational education and Apprenticeships. The Group will ensure proper input and engagement with education reform to ensure fit for purpose for the science industries. For example, it will lead thinking across the sector in the operation of the Levy, identifying the need for developing new standards and pathways that deliver growth in the take up of Apprenticeships, including the development of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships, and the introduction of T levels. 

Specific areas of activity for the group include:

  • Maintenance of the science industry Occupational Map identifying occupations and where standards exist
  • Informing the Trailblazer of priorities and supporting task and finish groups for new standards
  • Inputting into new T levels within the 16 - 18 education reform particularly the engineering and manufacturing and health science pathways
  • Understanding and championing the need for new education delivery capability including Institutes of Technology and where FE and HE gaps
  • Understanding the levy spend and making recommendations for better utilisation of the Levy
  • Championing placements and maintaining the graduate outcome profile.