Science Industry Partnership

SIP Apprenticeship Survey 2020

This report provides insight into the use of Apprenticeships and their funding after examining data from employers across the UK science industry.  The latest figures reveal that whilst the science industry continues to embrace Apprenticeships and technical education, more work is required to deliver the vision of Apprenticeships for the sector. 

The research shows that science-industry organisations have a far greater proportion of Higher-Level Apprentices (51%) when compared across all sectors (19%) and that 18% of Apprentices are working at Levels 6 or 7 (leaping from just 6% in 2018).

The latest survey is the second-ever SIP Apprenticeship Survey with support from Cogent Skills. Research was first undertaken in 2018 in response to the Life Sciences Sector Deal with the ambition of bolstering the 250,000 skilled scientific and technical employees needed through to 2025; the 2020 report provides an evidence base on how the Apprenticeship system is working and what changes the sector would like to see. 

View the full list of the Apprenticeship Survey questions. 

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