Science Industry Partnership

SIP North East

The aim of the SIP North East Group is to support the work of the Science Industry Partnership (SIP) specifically in the North East of England.

The Group is NE SIP companies working in partnership to develop and sustain the appropriate skills they need to innovate and grow.  It also considers the implications for the short, medium and long-term future of skills versus technological changes to allow NE SIP companies to adapt or take action in respect of the changing landscape.  The group’s activities include:

  • Sharing good practice aligned to the purpose, including why it worked, how it could be applied, and producing case studies
  • Coordinated attraction of new talent
  • Gap analysis: understand what are the common skills gaps leading to collaboration to a common purpose
  • Maximise funding opportunities and value/impact through collaboration

If you'd like more information about this regional group, contact, Kate Hutchins