Science Industry Partnership

SIP Futures Group

The Futures Group will lead the production of the Skills Strategy for Life Sciences as set out in the Life Sciences Sector Deal phase 2. This will look forward to 2030 and include agreeing the scope, commissioning the work, overseeing development, and approving the Skills Strategy 2030 report. The report will set out the skills needed to underpin a 2030 future for UK Life Sciences and focus on the priorities set out by employers and the skills solutions that will be needed to ensure the skills needed are available. The Skills Strategy 2030 will deliver the Blue Print for the People Pillar of the Life Sciences Sector Deal, driving productivity and promoting confidence in doing business in the UK.

To build a clear evidence base of the status of Life Science skills and future scenarios to 2030. With a focus on (i) an assessment and identification of the new skills demand for research and development activities (ii) further analysis on the new skills needed for medicines manufacturing for established medicines and complex medicines, (iii) consideration of the delivery of vocational skills, including gap analysis vs the provision base (iv) a study of post Brexit UK workforce skills capacity and needs.

SIP Futures Terms of Reference