Science Industry Partnership

Standards Development

We support employers to form a consortium and become a trailblazer development group to set a standard for an occupation through making a proposal to IfATE, providing no other standard exists, or overlaps other standards. The group should ideally consist of a variety of employers including both SME and large from the sectors and industries involved in the area of the apprenticeship and from a wide geographical spread

The group’s role is to develop the standard which set out the skills, knowledge and behaviours for the occupation and the end point assessment, being the measurement of the competencies for the occupation, ensure the apprentice is ‘job-ready’ at the end of the apprenticeship. In determining the standard, the occupation requires at least 12 months of rigorous training – with 20% of that time allocated towards off-the-job’ training

The SIATE provide a project-management type service to the Science Industry employer development groups for these trailblazers. The standards below have all been ministerial approved through the SIATE trailblazers:

Level 7

Level 6

Level 5

Level 3

Level 2

Research Scientist Clinical Trials Specialist  Technician Scientist  Laboratory Technician  Science Manufacturing
Process Operator
Bioinformatician Scientist  Laboratory Scientist    Science Industry Maintenance Technician   
Regulatory Affairs Specialist  Science Industry Process/
Plant Engineer 
  Science Manufacturing Technician