Science Industry Partnership

26 Oct 2021

Why Careers Outreach in Science is Ready for Switching Up

by Rachel Brickell, Careers Manager at Cogent Skills.

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This is an exciting time to be involved in careers outreach for the science industry.

Over the last two years, the sciences have been under immense pressure. Diverse organisations from our sector have stood on the front-line in the battle against COVID-19. Yet, despite the challenges, these businesses have been pivotal in safeguarding society’s future following the global pandemic.

Here at SIP we represent over 30 leading science organisations, such as AstraZeneca and Fujifilm. As a powerful, employer-led membership alliance, the SIP campaigns for quality apprenticeship standards, and representation of science throughout the skills system. SIP provides a ‘one-voice’ to government ensuring that the voice of the industry is heard and that skills policy and future public investment is made to enable future competitiveness, productivity and growth.

Tackling science skills gaps

Since the creation of the SIP, our alliance focusses on engaging the scientific community in careers outreach. We now give our member organisations the tools to educate young people about the depth and variety of job prospects available to them in this diverse industry.

All our member organisations benefit from access to SIP careers advice, bespoke materials adapted to industry specialisms, and off-the-shelf resources. To date, we have trained over 600 SIP Ambassadors from over 100 science-industry employers. We empower these individuals with the skills to deliver demos and presentations about their career histories and promote opportunities for students in their community. 

Building a world-class workforce

The benefits of the SIP Careers Strategy are numerous. Some of our member organisations have successfully woven the SIP Ambassador training into their apprenticeship and graduate inductions. Motivated staff gain new competencies through development opportunities while successfully bridging the gap between employers and the next generation of scientists and engineers. 

Looking to the future

This is an exciting period for SIP. At the end of September, we launched the next strand of our outreach programme: the SIP Careers Taskforce. Previously, Ambassadors showcased the impact of their work at the SIP Board. Now, the Careers Taskforce (consisting entirely of younger employees with Ambassador training) will help shape strategies first-hand.

It is more critical than ever that we innovate science careers outreach. We urgently need to meet sector and societal demands. The passion from Ambassadors and members of the Careers Task-Force for science careers, will help inspire the next generation to become the future work- force and help the UK to become a science superpower by 2025, and I am really optimistic about what the future holds for our industry.

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