Science Industry Partnership

10 Feb 2020

The Royal Society of Biology is pleased to announce the launch of its Apprentice of the Year award

The Apprentice of the Year award has been set up as part of the RSB's 10 year anniversary celebrations, to celebrate apprentices and recognises their contributions. 

The award recognises apprentices who are:

  1. Applying professional technical knowledge and expertise
  2. Acquiring & effectively applying personal/professional development
  3. Making a positive impact and inspiring others
  4. Demonstrating effective teamwork & collaboration
  5. Delivering projects efficiently

How to apply:

The award is open to all apprentices, at any level, working within the bioscience sector. Individuals can enter by submitting the application form by 12pm on Tuesday 31st March 2020. 

If you have any questions regarding the award process, please email the RSB training team.

For more information.