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15 Jul 2021

Skills Incentives- What is available to employers? Blog 1

Rachel Roby, Strategic Apprenticeship Lead at Cogent Skills takes us through the Government’s range of incentive payments to support employers taking on new learners. Find out which incentives are available and what steps you must take to access funding and support. 

The Government have released two new incentives to support businesses to take on new learners for T-Levels & traineeships as well as extending and enhancing the incentive payment scheme for hiring a new apprentice. But what’s available and what’s the qualifying criteria to access this support? This blog series will take you through the funding available to employers.


An initiative which is currently available is a Traineeship which is a government funded skills development programme that includes a work placement. This programme helps to prepare young people aged 16 to 25 for employment or an apprenticeship in the future. This must be completed from 1 September 2020 to 31 July 2021.
The employer bonuses were announced last July in chancellor Rishi Sunak’s Pl an for Jobs and as part of a £111 million funding injection into the traineeships programme, in a bid to triple the number of starts in the current academic year.

What does a traineeship include?

A traineeship must include a minimum of 70 hours work experience. Employers can offer a work experience placement to a trainee if they work alongside a training provider to design the programme. They however must assess the needs of the trainee when designing the placement. This programme could include pre-employment training if necessary for the new starter.
At the end of the training employers are expected to offer a job interview for a permanent position to the trainee or if no position is available they must offer them advice going forward for their future career prospects.

How can I apply to take part in a traineeship programme and what funding am I eligible for as an employer?

All Employers can claim £1,000 for a completed traineeship work placement. All employers wanting to take part in a traineeship and access the appropriate funding must apply via the government website and fill out a registration form which can be found here 

The Details

All applications for funding will be checked against the monthly Individualised Learner Record data submitted by traineeship providers before payments are made.
- Payment is available for up to 10 trainees per employer.
- Funding has also been handed to providers to deliver more 16-to-19 traineeships.
- The funding rate for 19-to-24 year olds has risen to £1,500 and eligibility has been extended to include people that already hold full level 3 qualifications.

For more information a skills incentive guide is available here


There are a range of options available for employers. Don’t forget that SIP members can access practical apprenticeship support and collaborate with industry to drive the strategic apprenticeship agenda. For more information contact

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