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19 Jul 2021

Skills Incentives- What is available to employers? Blog 2

Rachel Roby, Strategic Apprenticeship Lead at Cogent Skills takes us through the Government’s range of incentive payments to support employers taking on new learners. Find out what support is available and what steps you must take to access funding.

The Government have released two new incentives to support businesses to take on new learners for T-Levels & traineeships as well as extending and enhancing the incentive payment scheme for hiring a new apprentice. But what’s available and what’s the qualifying criteria to access this support. This blog series will take you through the funding available to employers. This week, learn all about T Levels.

T Levels.

So, let’s start with the basics. What are T levels and what do they entail?

T Levels are an important part of the government’s reforms to revolutionise skills and post-16 education. Helping to create the skilled workforce that is necessary for the future of businesses post-pandemic and giving students the experience they need to progress into better paid and high level jobs, apprenticeships or to go on to further study. The first T Levels were introduced in September 2020.  T levels can be taken by students after GCSEs from school leaving age onwards and are the equivalent to taking 3 A Levels at sixth form level. A further 7 T-Levels will be available from this year in subjects including Healthcare, Science and Onsite Construction.

T Levels entail the following:

- Full time course of study at a selected provider (college or sixth form in the local area) studying a set curriculum.
- Industry placements lasting at least 45 days with students working alongside the employer leading their T Level course, gaining vital hands-on experience and invaluable insight into the world of work.
- They are 2-year courses and have been developed alongside employers and businesses to ensure that the skills developed by young people have the correct content necessary for the needs of industry.

What funding is available and how can I access it?

All employers can claim a £1,000 cash boost for every T Level student they host on a high-quality industry placement, as of the 27th May 2021. Employers can claim up to a maximum of 20 students for the available T Level subject areas until July 2022. The incentive fund is designed to offer support to employers impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic and to ensure that they can continue to accommodate placements and opportunities. 

The fund complements the Employer Support Package already in place. This support will be continued into the 2021/22 academic year.

If this sounds like something that could benefit you as an employer then I would encourage you to apply for the T Level capital fund. To access the T levels capital funding guidance and application process you must visit the government website where a document suite is available 

For more information a skills incentive guide is available here


There are a range of options available for employers. Don’t forget that SIP members can access practical apprenticeship support and collaborate with industry to drive the strategic apprenticeship agenda. For more information contact

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