Science Industry Partnership

19 Jul 2019

SIPPI will ensure standards-based approach to competence

The COMAH Strategic Forum (CSF) has now ratified that the SIP Process Industries Group (SIPPI) will take the sign-posting role for Competence. 

This important role will have both planned and more responsive elements.  Pro-actively SIPPI will be progressing activities that are linked to competence, looking at where there are gaps, and signposting competence issues to CSF.

This this will include looking at the consistency of training on offer, that it meets employer needs, and where agreed oversee the development of new Training Standards to ensure fit-for purpose training. 

Reactively SIPPI will review topics, on behalf of CSF, where there is perceived to be a competence dimension and to be the ‘first port of call’ for commissioning competence work.

The COMAH Strategic Forum is the high level joint chemical industry and regulator forum working to improve major accident hazard management and raise standards across industry.

SIPPI focuses on the skills interests of the chemical, petrochemical and petroleum sectors, especially those companies operating high hazard COMAH sites, including engineering apprenticeships and apprenticeships in general, process safety, engineering skills, competence management, and asset integrity.