Science Industry Partnership

02 May 2019

SIP Members get on board with SIP Ambassador Training

The SIP Ambassador scheme continues to gain fantastic momentum. This last quarter has seen a further 59 ambassadors register taking the total to 493.

Successful training sessions took place in the North East attended by ambassadors from 4 member companies (Fujifilm, GSK, Conoco Phillips and Huntsman) as well as Cambridge, which saw AstraZeneca Apprentices trained up to be Ambassadors.

Another AZ session took place this month due to demand, and GSK employees also took part in further training, with several more sessions booked with member companies.

 Helen Cattell, Careers and Outreach Manager said: “Congratulations to all delegates the new SIP Ambassadors joining our rapidly growing network. I really enjoyed working with all and thanks for making the training sessions so much fun.