Science Industry Partnership

04 Jan 2019

SIP: looking back, looking ahead

The SIP Board meeting at the end of 2018 focussed of the development an ambitious 2019 SIP Business Plan, together with the new Operational Plan.   Both will be rolled out from April this year. The Business Plan sets out a clear direction for SIP over the next 3 years from 2019 to 2021, with an Operational Plan for 2019. It is a roadmap for the partnership that sets out its purpose, vision, governance and how it will go about meeting its goals.

In the Business Plan, we have reviewed the governance structure to be more representative of the science sector and to meet the need to engage more businesses in the regions.

The SIP membership offer has three pillars (i) Strategic Impact & Influence (ii) Collaborative Outcomes and (iii) Individual Company Support.  We have also set out our objectives for delivery in 2019 in the SIP Operational Plan 2019 including leading on the delivery of a Skills Strategy for 2030 with Government and our skills partners.

Looking back at the SIP’s progress, the operational data for 2018 show:

  • Registrations for end assessment of Apprenticeships by the Science Apprenticeship Service have risen and continue to climb
  • The SIP Ambassadors programme has been refreshed and is starting to gain more traction with members and industry, with a 420 strong network.
  • Apprenticeships starts in science occupations are rising, bucking the national trend - with the most recent data at 3,650 (covering Oct ‘17 to Sep ’18). This is the highest this has been since we have reported this data and the 4th consecutive 4-quarter increase.