Science Industry Partnership

10 Dec 2019

SIP Liverpool Plus holds its first meeting

Members of the new SIP Liverpool Plus group met on 20th November, providing an important new employer-led skills forum in the region and supporting delivery of the Local Industrial Strategy. Companies attending came from across the science-using sector in the region.

AZ’s Andy Ludzik, who has kindly agreed to act as Chair of SIP Liverpool Plus, said: “This important regional skills forum gives us a sectoral approach to our skills needs. Our very first meeting was a great success and really shows the need to develop the skills required for a science-based workforce and to ensure clear pathways into these roles for young people.

“We need to ensure our thriving sector has the necessary skills base, particularly as it underpins the continued economic success of the North West, and provides great jobs for many people in our region. Collaboration will support this agenda.”

The key areas of focus for SIP Liverpool Plus are:

  • Providing a networking forum for sharing best practice on skills and new thinking through quarterly meetings        
  • Understanding what the common skills gaps are leading to collaboration to a common purpose
  • Providing a solid sectoral evidence base for skills priorities
  • Influencing core and specialist skills delivery in the region so that it fits with science sector business needs
  • Collaboration to establish / enhance local apprenticeship delivery and help ensure access to the right skills solutions for science-based companies
  • Attraction of new talent, including participating in local careers outreach training and resources through the SIP Ambassador Programme
  • Ensuring that schools and colleges within the region are able provide the best possible careers advice for young people looking to pursue a career within the science industries
  • Understanding how apprenticeships might enhance the talent pipeline
  • Involvement in apprenticeship standard development
  • Informing and working in partnership with the Liverpool City Region Combined Authority on skills priorities and investment decisions to benefit the science-based sector in the region.

 The SIP has secured investment from Liverpool City Region Combined Authority to help establish SIP Liverpool Plus.

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