Science Industry Partnership

19 Jul 2019

SIP Chair highlights the Power of the Sector in NCUB Report

Malcolm Skingle has recently contributed to the National Centre for Universities and Business (NCUB) State of the Nation report which summarises university - business collaboration across the UK – with a focus on the SIP and the 2030 Strategy.

Malcolm sets out how the SIP acts as the expert skills partner to Government working to ensure there is a clear connection to what employers need in the Industrial Strategy – for which a key component is People.  He talks about the SIP’s role as a delivery partner in the Industrial Strategy via the Life Science Sector Deal – a set of joint Industry Government commitments, including those which support and deliver the skills we need for the jobs now and in the future. Malcolm represents the SIP on the Life Science Industrial Strategy Implementation Board (LSISIB) which is taking this work forward.

NCUB State of the Nation report