Science Industry Partnership

02 May 2019

SIP Board agrees Business Plan

At the February Board the SIP agreed the Business Plan for 2019.  A new vison and objectives were agreed as follows:

SIP Vision
Employers working in partnership with government to establish the skills needed to build a high value, competent scientific workforce to support future productivity and growth for British business.

Ambition and Objectives
The SIP Board has defined three strategic objectives:

Grow: To have a pipeline of skilled people with the capability, drive and ambition to build a thriving and globally competitive science based industry in the UK.
Retain: To support the development of the workforce to acquire the skills it needs to adopt new technologies and innovations, driving productivity and promoting confidence in doing business in the UK.
Attract: To promote STEM careers and improve the value and understanding of scientific knowledge and skills, increasing the supply of home grown talent to aid future sustainability and encouraging equality of opportunity in skills at all levels across the sector

SIP Chair Malcolm Skingle said: “the Science Industry Partnership is coming up for its fifth year anniversary, and we are in our third year as an entirely employer owned and funded entity.

I would like to take the opportunity to offer gratitude to all our members for their unstinting support for ensuring that we continue our critical work in providing strategic employer leadership on skills for our sector.

“This is an important year for us; we have launched our 2030 Strategy, in conjunction with the Office for Life Sciences (OLS), ABPI and BIA, a deliverable within the Life Sciences Sector Deal 2.  This is a key piece of work for and will build a clear evidence base of the status of life science skills and future scenarios to 2030.”

SIP Business Plan 2019-2021