Science Industry Partnership

02 May 2019

SIP Ambassador materials get a revamp

The SIP Ambassador resources: Futures in Science have been given an exciting facelift. They have been updated and rebranded to make them more relevant to young people and the science curriculum as well as exploring current scientific concerns such as antibiotic resistance and the use of plastics. The resources have been designed with our members in mind and cover a range of industry sectors and there is a stronger focus on the different routes into careers in the industry. 

The new Futures in Science branding is clearly linked to the Science Industry Partnership and has been designed with a youthful look and feel and features the importance of technical and employability skills.

The resource pack consists of interactive PowerPoint, ambassador guide, activity resource cards, pupil resource cards, pupil certificates and brand new apprenticeship leaflet. We have also new SIP Ambassador lapel badges to publicise the scheme.