Science Industry Partnership

06 Aug 2020

SIP Member develops the world's first halogen-free materials

SIP Member Polymer Compounders  have developed the world’s first halogen-free FR PC/ABS and FR PC/ASA materials that do not compromise on material properties. 

With the addition of the standard flame retardants in Engineering Styrenics and their blends such as TBBA and RDP/BPA-DP to the European Chemical agency (ECHA) CORAP (Community rolling action plan) list, Polymer Compounders Ltd (PCL) knew something needed to happen about the types of additives used in all significant flame retardant applications.

Understanding the significance of the upcoming ECHA review and the consequence of a shift in the industry, it made sense for PCL to pursue the development of their new patented polymer and help facilitate a positive change to safer flame retardant materials for the reasons outlined by the ECHA.

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