Science Industry Partnership

01 Mar 2021

Opportunity North East: Improving educational outcomes in the North East of England

Opportunity North East (ONE) is a three year, £24 million project, sponsored by the Department for Education. ONE is part of the Department of Education’s commitment to improve education and boost productivity in the North East and Tees Valley areas of England. You can find out more about the project here.

One focus of this project is to help 28 schools in the North East to overcome the challenge “too few young people find a pathway to a good career”. Data collected suggests that students currently have very little interest in STEM based careers, which given the fantastic opportunities available in STEM based careers in the North East is disappointing. To address this, the North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP) are looking at ways of engagement to help students understand the possible careers available.

Initially they are planning to engage the students with businesses via a suite of virtual breakfast meetings. To address the lack of interest in the STEM sector they would welcome STEM representation at each meeting. This would consist of representatives from three businesses spending 10 – 15 minutes each explaining their sector and potential roles; followed by student questions. Their intention is to record the sessions and make them available for wider school use. Following the breakfast meeting the plan is to identify students interested in finding out more about the different industries and try to develop bespoke experiences relevant to their interest and the needs of the businesses.

This is a fantastic opportunity and the NELEP would love to have SIP Ambassadors involved. For further information about this project and how you can get involved, contact Tom Gallon directly