Science Industry Partnership

13 Sep 2021

Mixed blessings from Engineering and Manufacturing Route Review

The trailblazer groups from Science Manufacturing Process Operator (SMPO), Science Manufacturing Technician (SMT) and Science Industry Maintenance Technician (SIMT) received their letters detailing the outcome of the route review for Engineering and Manufacturing which has been taking place. 

The groups worked hard during the first half of 2021 to submit revisions as part of the review to retain the standards and we have received a mixed bag of outcomes from IfATE.

The Level 2 SMPO and Level 2 SMT have both been recommended to be retained with the conclusion that the ‘occupational standard is based on a valid and standalone occupation.’ This is welcomed news from both trailblazer groups who will shortly reform to move onto the next stage of development and welcome any new employers to join the group.

Unfortunately, the same recommendation has not been made for Level 2 SIMT where the recommendation is to work together with "2 other trailblazer groups to design three separate cross-sector apprenticeships (Electrical Maintenance Technician, Mechanical Maintenance Technician and Control & Instrumentation Technician)."

The SIMT trailblazer group are submitting a response to IfATE for further information on the decision-making process and for some reassurances to protect the fundamental principles of the safety critical nature within the design of the current SIMT standard.

We will keep you updated with any further information we have.