Science Industry Partnership

08 Jan 2019

Kymab receives SIP Ambassador Training

Kymab is a therapeutic antibody company working with partners to provide novel solutions in drug and vaccine development. The company is a member of SIP Cambridge.

Andy Gosden - Senior Director, Human Resources, Kymab Ltd sets out the company’s experience and involvement in the SIP Ambassador Scheme.

“Kymab was introduced to the Science Industry Partnership’s SIP Ambassador Scheme through its involvement in the newly formed SIP Cambridge.

The scheme provides young people with a better understanding of STEM subjects, possibly changing their stereotype of what they think of scientists working industry do on a day-to-day basis.

The SIP’s scheme is very valuable for young people. It enables them to interact with professionals from a scientific background, provides them with guidance and the inspiration to pursue a STEM subject, and introduces them to the wide variety of careers available in the science sector.

The Ambassador training we have received includes a workshop which allows our nominated Ambassadors to practice delivering activities, engaging young people, planning their own workshops and discussing the challenges and opportunities of their own career.

Our team also have access to Futures in Science Careers classroom resources to support them in delivering these activities in classrooms, at events and presentations.

We are delighted to be able to support this important outreach, which also provides our own staff with a great development opportunity.”