Science Industry Partnership

01 Jul 2020

Introducing the SIP Futures Delivery Theme Leaders

The recent SIP Futures Delivery meeting allowed the Group to discuss how to best deliver the recommendations from the SIP Life Sciences 2030 Skills Strategy. The Group discussed the proposed actions, some of which will go towards a collaborative bid to government, under the themes:

  • Integrated Skills
  • Apprenticeships
  • Global Operating Environment
  • Attraction & Perception

The demand for skills in the Life Sciences is prevalent, with 133,000 jobs predicted over the next decade to account for high growth and replacing retirees. In addition, Covid-19 further highlights the importance of the UK Life Science industries, and that high-level, industry-specific skills are needed to ensure the UK remains globally competitive. The aim of the Futures Delivery Group is to collaborate as an industry-led voice to government on skills and an action group to also achieve ‘quick wins’ for the sector through sharing best practice and other collaborative skills-related initiatives.

We thank all attendees for contributing to a productive discussion, and are particularly thankful to our funding partners (the ABPI, BIA and Office for Life Sciences), Chair (Jacqui Hall) and Theme Owners for committing much of their own time and effort to pull together a set of robust actions to present to government: Nicola Beer (Integrated Skills); Stephen Stewart (Apprenticeships); Mike Archer (Global Operating Environment); and Ian Parnham (Attraction and Perception).

The next meeting will be held in September (date tbc). If you would like any further information about joining, please contact Tina Sawyer: