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02 May 2019

Inquiry on the Apprenticeships Programme

The Public Accounts Committee has launched a new inquiry on the apprenticeship programme titled The Apprenticeships programme: progress review inquiry.

This session was held on 25th March. It was stated: “Members will use this hearing to questions officials from the Department for Education, the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), and the Institute for Apprenticeships about the value of the apprenticeships programme and effectiveness of its oversight. Moreover, Members may wish to question the future affordability of the apprenticeships programme”.  

 The witnesses are:

  • Jonathan Slater, Permanent Secretary, Department for Education
  • Eileen Milner, Chief Executive, Education and Skills Funding Agency
  • Keith Smith, Director of the Apprenticeship Programme, Education and Skills Funding Agency
  • Sir Gerry Berragan, Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education


A link to the inquiry page and an interim report is here.