Science Industry Partnership

13 May 2021

Intra-Company Transfer immigration route consultation

The Migration Advisory Committee have been commissioned by the Government to undertake a study of the Intra-Company Transfer (ICT) immigration route in order to advise on the operation and effectiveness of that route.

A call for evidence has therefore been launched to seek stakeholder views on the ICT immigration route. Details of the consultation can be found here.  

The ICT route currently sits alongside the Skilled Worker route for skilled workers in the current immigration route. This route is designed to enable employers in the UK to easily move existing senior employees and specialists who have been employed by the company for at least 12 months from overseas offices to roles in the UK.

The ICT route has different salary thresholds and requirements than the Skilled Worker route. The Migration Advisory Committee have been asked to advise on the points below:

  • the salary threshold for entry to the ICT route
  • what elements, if any beyond base salary, should count towards meeting the salary requirement
  • whether, as now, different arrangements should apply to the very highly paid
  • what the skills threshold for the route should be
  • the conditions of the route, in particular those where it differs from the main Tier 2 (General)/Skilled Worker route

It is important that we have an immigration system that works for science employers, enabling the exchange and transfer of staff between countries for continued success and growth for the sector.

The Futures Group, supported by SIP, ABPI and BIA will be responding on behalf of the sector. To inform this, we are looking to undertake a number of short interviews with industry. The interview will last no more than 30 minutes.

If your organisation would like to be involved, please nominate a colleague who would be willing to participate and has experience working with the intra-company transfer system.