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03 Nov 2020

GSK sets new environmental goals of net zero impact on climate and net positive impact on nature by 2030

Increasing scientific evidence[1] demonstrates that climate change and nature loss are impacting the world and human health in many ways, including: extreme heat contributing to deaths from diseases; increased spread of infectious diseases and air pollution exacerbating respiratory diseases.

Today, GSK has announced ambitious new environmental sustainability goals in both climate and nature, aiming to have a net zero impact on climate and a net positive impact on nature by 2030.

The new goals form part of GSK’s Trust priority and ESG approach, which support the company’s aim to create long-term value for shareholders and meet the needs of society. Over the next decade, GSK will invest in measures to reduce its environmental impact, in restoration programmes to balance the remaining impact that the company cannot reduce and aim to put back into nature more than the company takes out.

Underpinning these goals, the company has set new targets across its different businesses, including: 100% renewable electricity usage and good water stewardship at all GSK sites; 100% of materials sustainably sourced and deforestation free and transitioning to 100% usage of electric vehicles by GSK sales representatives worldwide. More information on the goals and the targets are available on

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