Science Industry Partnership

03 Aug 2021

Degree Apprenticeship Consultation Event

Come to an industry-wide briefing to hear about the Degree Apprenticeship consultation.

Discuss with colleagues the pros and cons of the proposed changes and help us shape our response
IfATE rationale for the Changes.

  1. Ensure that the Institute’s policies and processes better recognise the role that Degrees and graduate status currently play in the labour market
  2. Provide a comprehensive development and approval framework for the creation and revision of degree apprenticeships
  3. Ensure that degree apprenticeships are a distinctive offer that secures the best of apprenticeships and the best of higher education.

Our Key Take Outs from 5 proposed changes- what do you then mean for you?

  1. Justification for mandating a degree – not just technical requirements but the requirement to be a graduate. ‘Graduate Status’. Based on a ‘basket’ of LMI.
  2. Degree Design - HEIs must develop degrees specifically aligned to the apprenticeship standard – so to include the Knowledge, Skills and Behaviours outlined in the Occupational standard (NOT just knowledge). These will be occupational degrees.
  3. Mandated degree programmes must be integrated –i.e. incorporate an embedded End Point Assessment.

Apprenticeships with voluntary degrees which employers request will not be funded (this is applicable to anyone who uses Research Scientist which is a non-degree qualification).