Science Industry Partnership

15 Jul 2020

Covid-19 Best Practice Seminar

The past three months have been challenging for those responsible for managing people in manufacturing or operational environments requiring us all to develop new ideas and perhaps more innovative approaches; as we move out of Covid-19 this is a good opportunity to reflect on these but also to prepare for the next phase of recovery and the opportunities and challenges this presents.

To help both our neighbouring companies, regional networks and the sector as a whole we thought that it would useful to share any learnings and best practice. To aid this discussion we would like to propose the following questions. Although please be aware that these are not prescriptive and all inputs and observations are welcome.

After the meeting we will produce a Best Practice Guide, which will be available for all science using companies to download.

We hope that you will be able to join us and we look forward to having this important discussion with you.

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