Science Industry Partnership

News (September 2020)

Government Job Support Scheme

30 Sep 2020

As the government winds up the current Job retention ‘furlough’ scheme at the end of October, we have now been provided with details of the job support scheme that will commence on 1st November. The…More …


29 Sep 2020

As National Inclusion Week begins, it highlights the importance to connect with our sector and help make everyone feel included. This year’s theme is ‘Each One, Reach One’ the premise of this is to ma…More …

Major Expansion of Post-18 Education and Training to Level Up and Prepare Workers for Post-Covid Economy

29 Sep 2020

Lifetime Skills Guarantee to give adults the chance to take free college courses valued by employers. New entitlement to flexible loans to allow courses to be taken in segments, boosting opportunit…More …

Help us tackle national shortage in higher technical skills

17 Sep 2020

The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education (the Institute) takes first steps in reversing national higher technical skills shortage Support needed with rollout of game changing n…More …

Apprentice employers urged to take part in COVID-19 survey

15 Sep 2020

Employer views requested around job security for apprentices and financial incentives geared at supporting recovery Second in series of surveys will update the Institute for Apprenticeships and Tec…More …