Science Industry Partnership

02 May 2019

2030 Skills Strategy: getting fit for the future

The SIP’s Life Sciences 2030 Skills Strategy work, in conjunction with the Office for Life Sciences (OLS), ABPI and BIA is now underway under the leadership of Alex Felthouse, Managing Director, Eisai Manufacturing.

This Life Sciences 2030 Skills Strategy is a deliverable in the Life Sciences Sector Deal 2.  It will build a clear evidence base of the status of life science skills and future scenarios to 2030, focusing on both medicines manufacturing and R & D. 

Underpinning this work will be three cross cutting themes, understanding provision and identifying current and future training needs, considering the global operating environment to understand the international skills drivers, and the skills implications of emerging technologies, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). 

The SIP Futures Group are driving the development of the Strategy.  They held a first meeting in February, with representation from Pfizer, ABPI, OLS, Eisai, Kymab, Cogent Skills, Vertex, Covance, UCB and Steer, the expert consultants appointed to provide strategic intelligence.

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