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STEM Survey Synopsis

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28 May 2020
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11:30 to 12:15

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The survey, published last month, looks at the work scientists do and how they feel about it. It also gives insights into those all-important salary numbers and what employers can do to attract and retain candidates.

The survey reached nearly 3000 people working in a spectrum of roles in science, engineering and clinical settings. The overwhelming majority of these were in the UK, but a handful of other European nations were also surveyed. Half of the respondents were working as scientists in research, development and quality control, with another 14 per cent working as engineers and 11 per cent in academia. Of those in industry, the most well represented sectors were pharmaceuticals, biotech and chemicals manufacturing. More than three-quarters of respondents were currently in STEM careers with the rest being students, retirees, people on a career break or now working elsewhere.

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