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The Apprenticeships Conference 2020

Event date(s)
03 Dec 2020

Event Details

The Apprenticeships Conference 2020 will assess the future of apprenticeship funding, delivery and uptake following the Covid 19 crisis. In unprecedented times, the Conference will explore the next steps for the apprenticeships levy, reforms to end point assessments and how all providers and employers can recover from the impact of Covid 19 on apprenticeship programmes.

Delegates will hear policy updates and leading insights from key experts about successfully meeting apprenticeships standards, the funding landscape and forming high-quality relationships between providers and employers to ensure outstanding skills development.

Helen Davies, Trailblazer Standards Manager at Cogent Skills will be running a workshop - Designing and Creating New Apprenticeships in Line with Trailblazer Standards

  • Sharing how to successfully propose, build, submit and launch a new apprenticeship standard as a trailblazer
  • Designing end point assessments which meet the Institute for Apprenticeships criteria
  • Understanding how to form a trailblazer group which is genuinely inclusive and independent
  • Learning how to effectively market apprenticeship standards once they are approved for delivery in order to attract and employ apprentices