Science Industry Partnership

Operational Support

The SIP offers all members a dedicated support function which sees it undertake work across a range of sector wide activities.

This includes developing the Sector Occupational Map to support Standards development work,Setting new Standards, including working with Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) to design Degree Level Apprenticeships.

Supporting the SIP Working Groups to deliver on new skills priorities across:

Each of the group has a specific remit and encourages members to contribute via a representative from their organisation.

SIP also facilitates an apprentice end-assessment service (SIAS) for employers which is on the Register of End Point Assessment Organisations (RoEPAO)

Membership Days
You can select a number of complimentary Membership Days, based on your organisation’s allocation, from the following menu:

Apprenticeship Scoping:
looking at how you might use the Apprenticeship Levy/ available Government funding across your organisation.

Organisational Needs Analysis (ONA):
a structured dialogue to establish the overall training and skills requirements of your organisation.

Occupational Mapping:
mapping your company roles into the sector’s Occupational Map.

STEM Outreach:
support for your local careers outreach activities with a range of interactive classroom materials and training.

Member Manager Support day:
a two-way discussion about maximising membership, prioritising initiatives that will support member’s skills ambition and deliver maximum value.

Additional Member Manager Support days can be purchased throughout the year.

Dedicated Member Manager
A Member Manager will advise and work with you to help you make the most of your SIP membership. The Member Manager can also signpost members to a range of Cogent Skills Services’ (CSS) solutions which are designed to free up employer internal resources and can be delivered at member rates.

These solutions include an Apprenticeship Service where experts will help you to scope, plan and manage your vision for apprenticeships. They also include a Placement Service, Recruitment and HR Services, Competence Management consultancy, a range of Training Courses, and a Training Referral Service, matching your request for training with quality assured providers. CSS is the SIP’s skills delivery partner.

Members also have access to a helpdesk T: 01925 515 220 or email