Science Industry Partnership

Collaboration and Communication

The SIP is an essential network of science industries working together. Members have an allocated member manager and receive regular communications covering SIP activity and Skills Policy updates, funding opportunities and networking events.

In addition, members also receive a regular SIP newsletter to inform and outline activities and opportunities. Members are also be invited to join SIP working groups which reflect their interests to shape sector wide solutions.

The SIP provides:

  • Investment into skills solutions
  • Collaboration through a long term Skills Action Plan, by joining up professional bodies, trade organisations and regional partners with businesses across the science sector
  • Delivering and reporting through an Annual Skills Operational Plan
  • Regular Policy Updates and analysis
  • Expert webinars on a range of skills and policy topics
  • SIP Newsletters profiling member activity
  • SIP website providing members with the latest on skills developments and other resources
  • Dedicated Member Manager to help you maximise membership
  • Member Help Desk - supporting your day to day

SIP Strategic Skills Action Plan
This is aimed at encouraging innovation, boosting productivity and creating opportunities for young people

The SIP Strategic Skills Action Plan ensures a clear sectoral connection to Government Industrial Strategy and sits at the heart of its post-16 Skills Reforms.

Key objectives:

  • Raising standards & responsiveness in education and training
  • Securing and embedding vocational skills
  • Building a transferable skills base in the science-based workforce
  • Providing a mechanism for workforce upskilling
  • Attracting young people to the science industries
  • Monitoring and responding to emerging skills needs

These objectives are being delivered via collaboration with partners, set out in 25 interlinked, targeted strategic actions.