Science Industry Partnership

About the SIP

About the Science Industry Partnership

As a company within the science industries, membership of the Science Industry Partnership (SIP) means being part of a powerful alliance, taking ownership of the skills needed to generate innovation and growth and increase productivity in the science industries.

SIP Vision

Employers working in partnership with government to establish the skills needed to build a high value, competent scientific workforce to support future productivity and growth for British business.

Ambition and Objectives

The SIP Board has defined three strategic objectives:

Grow: To have a pipeline of skilled people with the capability, drive and ambition to build a thriving and globally competitive science based industry in the UK.

Retain: To support the development of the workforce to acquire the skills it needs to adopt new technologies and innovations, driving productivity and promoting confidence in doing business in the UK

Attract: To promote STEM careers and improve the value and understanding of scientific knowledge and skills, increasing the supply of home grown talent to aid future sustainability and encouraging equality of opportunity in skills at all levels across the sector.

The SIP provides one influential voice to Government to ensure the science sector is heard and understood, particularly in light of a rapidly evolving skills policy landscape related to the Apprenticeship Levy, the Post-16 Skills Plan and the newly developing Industrial Strategy.

To  deliver the sector’s skills ambition the SIP works with its partners from trade and professional bodies, to training  providers,  Higher  Education  and Local Enterprise Partnerships  (LEPs).

This includes securing funding to support delivery of the SIP’s Strategic Action Plan, building local connectivity on skills and extending the reach of the SIP into the Devolved Nations.

The SIP also supports member companies to make sure they get maximum return and value from the skills system, including individual company advice around skills and business needs, and clear signposting to solutions.